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What to Expect

Berkeley Naturopathic Medical Group is currently offering remote office visits via phone or secure online video conferencing.

Your First Visit

Because we treat the whole person, your doctor takes time to get to know you. Your intake process includes:
      • A complete history of the presenting condition
      • Any pertinent physical exams
      • A review of lab work
      • Ordering of any new labs
      • A personalized treatment plan
Intake Duration
Adults: 90-120 minutes
How to prepare:
      • You will need to log into our online medical records, ChARM, and complete the following paperwork:
        • Adult Intake BNMG
        • Office and Financial Policies BNMG
        • Consent to Treat BNMG
      • Please procure copies of your lab work from the past 1-5 years and upload those to the ChARM patient portal
*The initial intake paperwork is comprehensive. Most people find that they need at least 40 minutes to complete it.Please feel free to contact us with any questions about your paperwork.

Follow-Up Visit for Established Patients

This visit includes:
      1. A continued medical history
      2. A re-evaluation of symptoms and clinical progress
      3. A thorough reassessment and changes to your individualized treatment plan
      4. A review of new lab results
      5. Ordering of follow-up testing as needed
Each follow-up session varies depending on the unique needs of each patient and the complexity of the condition and treatment.
Follow-Up Visit Duration
Adults: 30-60 minutes
How to Prepare
Come prepared with your treatment plan and recent labs (if any), and your questions.
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