Monthly Archives: February 2014

Warming Socks

Starting to feel low or like you are on the cusp of a cold or another acute illness? Warming socks may be the perfect antidote. Warming socks increase circulation, stimulate the immune system and decrease congestion. Some people even find that they sleep more peacefully and handle stress better when using them on a regular […]

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What is an Antioxidant, Anyway?

The word antioxidant is thrown around a lot, but what exactly is an antioxidant? In order to understand antioxidants we must first understand free radicals.

Free radicals are like little explosives that float around the body starting fires and causing damage to cells and DNA. Free radicals are produced in our bodies to fight infection and are designed to kill bacteria, viruses and other foreign materials. When inflammation becomes a persistent state as it is in diabetes, heart disease and most of today’s chronic diseases, it leads to the constant production of free radicals. Without a bacterial cell to destroy, these free radicals turn to our own cells. This is called oxidative damage and is associated with things like cancer, atherosclerosis, autoimmune disease and aging.

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Are All Steps Created Equal?

We are underway at the office with our second exercise challenge. Each of us has set a personal weekly fitness goal, tracking our progress with stars on a chart—quite basic but effective.

Initially, my goal was some combination of 10,000 steps, a 90-minute yoga class or a 60-minute gym session 5 days a week. To help motivate me and based on the recommendation of a patient, I got myself a pedometer call the FitBit ( It helps me track my steps, physical activity and if desired, calories, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and sleep. It is simple, easy to use, relatively inexpensive and highly recommended.

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