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Getting My Butt to the Pool

On an almost daily basis I imagine what my life would be like if I were “That Person.”
The one who maintains all of the good habits, keeps the house organized, goes to the gym every day, goes to bed at a reasonable hour and takes vitamins and supplements on schedule.

I compare myself to That Person and say to myself, “If only I were as organized I would be happy.” At that point I take a deep breath and remind myself that although I may not be a paragon of perfection, I am smart and resourceful and have a passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Following this conversation with myself for the nth time, I committed to working with respected coach Dr. Sydney Metrick, who specializes in personal organization. My hope was that I could learn some strategies for maintaining all of the healthy lifestyle habits that I value so much.

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Walnut Pesto

This antioxidant-rich pesto is also dairy-, soy-, gluten- and egg-free. It tastes delicious and is reminiscent of pesto made with pecorino, despite its being completely dairy-free. Ingredients: -1-3 ounces raw walnuts -2-4 cloves of garlic (depending on desired taste and garlic tolerance) -2-5 bunches of basil (depending on desired taste) -Juice from 1-2 lemons or […]

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Banging Your Head Against the Keys

One of my favorite Sesame Street characters was singer-songwriter Don Music. He composed songs like “Mary Had a Bicycle” and “Whistle Whistle Little Bird.” He often struggled with lyrics and in his frustration he would bang his head on the piano keys, moaning, “I’ll never get it! Never! NEVER!”

Ever feel this way about your healing journey? You put in the effort, you’re feeling happy and healthy, and then suddenly things kind of fall apart and you feel like crap again?

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