How do I get healthy, tasty food onto my table?


Eating healthy in the modern world is no easy task! Add in dietary restrictions for food sensitivities, blood sugar regulation, imbalances in gut flora, nervous system dysregulation, hormone balancing, auto-immune conditions, weight loss, etc. and combine that with a full time job, commuting, and having a family…how do you keep yourself fed?

This blog is a list of resources that can help make food preparation a little bit faster and easier depending on your needs and resources.   This is a work in progress. I will continue to add resources as I become aware of them. If you know of a great one, please let me know. The more resources that I can pass on to patients struggling to maintain the diet they need for their health, the better!

Is going to the grocery store a major obstacle to having fresh, home cooked food? If so, here are ways to grocery shop by ordering online and groceries will be delivered to your door:

Looking for organic, farm fresh produce? Some of these CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) will deliver to your door or others have a pick up location:

Looking for farm fresh, happy meat to be delivered to your door?

Sustainable caught seafood delivered to your door:

Bone broth delivered to your door:

Menu, grocery list, and recipes/instructions for prep delivered to you. You just follow the instructions and do the cooking. Most have options for gluten-free, vegetarian and paleo:

These take it one step further and deliver the ingredients along with the recipes to your home. Cook it up and dinner is ready:

Below are sources for healthy meals that are already cooked and delivered to your door. Many have gluten-free, dairy free options. Some have paleo and even AIP options:

Dinner is served!