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[startquote]Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.[endquote author="Albert Schweitzer, German theologian, physician, medical missionary and philosopher"] Your doctors at Berkeley Naturopathic Medical Group understand that you are a unique person with specific medical and life goals. Your individualized plan includes a combination of treatment strategies that support your body’s innate capacity for detoxifying, regenerating and healing. Clinical Nutrition Think of your food choices as medicine you take, three times a day. The nutritional choices you make are the single most controllable aspect of your health. Our doctors are highly trained in nutritional therapy. When you meet with your doctor, your diet is carefully assessed. The plan she develops for you includes detailed suggestions tailored to address your most important concerns. When necessary, we employ state-of-the-art lab testing to identify allergies and sensitivities that may otherwise be missed. There are times when extra nutritional support is needed as you transition to your optimal diet. Your Berkeley Naturopathic Medical Group doctor works with you to select the highest quality nutritional supplements that are best suited to your needs. Lifestyle Coaching Daily life is filled with potential stress. The environment is no longer the pristine natural resource it once was. We may struggle to cope with the emotional pressures of modern living. Our goal is to help you develop daily habits that support your recovery in the face of life’s inevitable challenges. From stress and behavioral management techniques, to ways in which you can reduce your daily exposure to pollutants, get enough sleep and develop an active routine, naturopathic lifestyle coaching helps you develop the resources you need to be at your best. Physical Activity and Exercise Exercise is unquestionably essential to your health and well being. Your doctor will help you develop an individualized exercise plan that is tailored to your needs and goals. This may include suggestions and referrals for cardiovascular and resistance exercise, yoga, Tai Qi, physical therapy and body work. Botanical Medicine The use of plants and herbs as medicine is one of the most ancient forms of healing known to humankind. Your doctor at Berkeley Naturopathic Medical Group is an expert in the use of botanical medicine. She creates individualized prescriptions for you using high-quality, sustainably sourced herbs. Over time, your prescriptions will change as your healing progresses. Herbal remedies can be dispensed as teas, in tincture form (concentrated extraction in alcohol or glycerin), in capsules or in tablets. Homeopathy Based on the Hippocratic principle that ‘like cures like,’ homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful energetic form of medicine that matches the vibrational patterns of an individual. A well-chosen remedy assists the body in carrying out its natural restorative processes. Biotherapeutic Drainage One of the most advanced forms of homeopathy, biotherapeutic drainage is a gentle yet very deep healing modality. Different from a cleanse or detoxification protocol, biotherapeutic drainage works much more deeply on cellular and energetic levels to enhance the natural routes of elimination. This restores the functioning of cells, organs and body systems. Clinical Detoxification With so many different “detoxes” promoted in books and in the media, choosing the one that is most appropriate for your needs can be challenging. Our doctors are highly trained in the art and science of detoxification. We help you avoid harm by creating a customized detoxification protocol that is best suited to both your daily reality and your medical needs.